Robins visit Whirlow Hall Farm

On Wednesday, Robins went to Whirlow Hall Farm. What a fantastic day! In the morning, we had a guided tour around the farm.  We handled many different animals, goats, chickens and horses to name a few.  The piglets were only a few weeks old and so cute.  After our lunch we put on our gloves and wellies and it was time to get busy and do a few of the many jobs a farmer has to do at harvest time.  We dug for potatoes, we harvested runner beans and tomatoes and we undertook ‘pasture management’, in other words we picked up poo!  Look at the pictures and you will see how busy we were.

Our favourite bits!

“I liked picking the poo up, it was smelly.” said Heidi

” My favourite bit was picking the tomatoes because they were all squashy.” remarked Daniel

“When the chicken flew round crazily in circles it was very funny.” commented Charlotte

A super day, which was enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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