We Escaped The Room (Well … some of us did!)

The Golden Eagles and Snowy Owls had a fantastic time in Sheffield this week. Each child had the opportunity to experience an exciting escape room at Escape Sheffield. The adults were so impressed with the children’s teamwork, problem solving and resilience. Some children visited the ‘Witchcraft and Wizardry’ room and others had a go at the ‘221b Baker Street’ room. We are now buzzing with ideas for our own escape room, which brave parents, carers, family and friends will have the opportunity to try towards the end of term. Watch this space …

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Merlins are excited to read their Reading Spine books!

We have launched our Reading Spine books today and Merlins were very excited to see the range of books they can choose from.


Happy reading Merlins!



Let us entertain you!

Lots of children have been bringing in conkers from their family walks, so we decided it would be a great idea to sing this song. It is called ‘Conkers’.

We have also sent home the words so you can sing along too!

We hope you enjoy it.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

5,4,3,2,1 blast off!

Last week Robins successfully completed their challenge to become fully qualified astronauts and to take part in Anston Greenlands’ Space Mission!  As part of the Wow Day to launch this exciting topic about space, the children made edible moon rocks and took part in several agility challenges which tested a variety of skills.

Robins have settled in so well into their new classroom and have impressed all of the staff in Year 1. The children have already carried out several science investigations.  They have made rocket mice from empty milk bottles whilst learning about forces and they have watched a water rocket blast off too. Mr Parry and Mrs Forbes only got a little bit wet!  We have also been learning about healthy eating and have found out about the types of food an astronaut would eat in space, trying a bit of astronaut ice cream too.

We are really looking forward to learning about Neil Armstrong next week and the Solar System too.



Merlins and Ospreys are loving the taste of their new topic – chocolate!!!

What a busy and exciting few weeks we’ve just had, launching our new topic as well as getting familiar with our new routines.  Children in Merlins and Ospreys have settled in really well and are enjoying their new topic (and who wouldn’t), which is all about Chocolate!

We started with a Topic Launch Day, where we got to taste and compare cacao beans and milk chocolate, produced some lovely artwork of chocolate packaging, performed some drama based on our new class novel and worked through some chocolate-related maths problems: we had a great day.

The children have, since then, been learning about the history of chocolate. They got to taste some hot chocolate, but not hot chocolate as we know it; the recipe was based on the hot chocolate the Ancient Mayans drank – very different, as you will see from the reactions on some of the children’s faces! 🙂

We’ve also been studying atlases, to locate countries where the cacao bean is grown: this has led us to learn about the different continents and climates.

In Science, we are learning about States of Matter: the children enjoyed ‘being particles’ (solid, liquid and gas) outside in the playground.


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Our classroom is looking GREAT!

The children have been busy helping to make their classroom look great. I thought I would share some photos of our displays, as you don’t get the opportunity to come into school at the minute.

The topic to begin with is ‘All about Ourselves and Others in Class’, so we asked the children to show us how good they are at writing their name.


They have also been looking in mirrors and drawing themselves.

They then worked as a team to make our entrance to our classroom look beautiful too.


TT Rockstars – Chaffinches

Please look at the link below for help with using TT Rockstars at home. Your child has their username and password in their reading record. I’ve set the tables to concentrate on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables for the next few weeks. Please let me know if you’re having any problems getting on.

TT rockstars help sheet for parents 1

Mrs Bratt

We LOVE exploring our new outside environment!

Here are some photos from the last couple of days.

The children are having great fun!

They just love the trim trail. It’s lovely to see children helping each other to achieve too.

We are already making a GREAT TEAM!

Our first school lunch time!

We all had lunch together in the school hall today for the very first time. Some of us even managed to clear our plates. We were amazing!

Here are a few photos of us.

Chaffinches newsletter

Please find attached this half term’s newsletter for Chaffinches.

Parents’ termly newsletter-Save the planet

Mrs Bratt