Coronavirus Updates

We have added a new HOME LEARNING tab to the main menu. Everything that we upload will also appear on the home page, but this tab organises everything by year group. Don’t forget to keep checking the “Ideas for Everyone” page too – there will be plenty of good suggestions appearing on there. Mrs Baird also has some tricks up her sleeve to support our health and wellbeing…

Please click the links below to read the latest updates from school around Coronavirus.

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Letter to Parents and Carers 02/07/20

Letter to Parents and Carers 18/06/20

Home Learning from 1st June

Arrangements for reopening on 1st June

Letter to Parents and Carers 22/05/20

Letter to Parents – Reopening

Letter to Families 20/04/20

Letter to Parents and Carers 01/04/20

Key Workers Letter

Closure Letter – including home learning and contact details during closure

Home Challenge Leaflet (whole school)

Home Challenge Leaflet (Y6)

School Closure Letter 19/03/20

Free Loan of Musical Instruments 18/03/20

Coronavirus Letter 17/03/20

We will continue to post letters and updates on the website as the situation develops.

Many thanks,

Mr Wirth

Wrens Home Learning w/b 6/7/20

Well another week has passed, and looking out of the window, today is definitely a wellington boot kind of day!

A BIG well done to everyone reading their books on Active Learn. Keep up the fabulous work!

This week in class we have based our learning around the book

Here’s the youtube link to listen to it.


In our Literacy lessons we have sequenced the story. What happened first, next, etc. We used the sheet below.

We also wrote thought bubbles and speech bubbles for spiders. We imagined they were in the classroom looking at us. What were they thinking? What would they be saying if they could talk? We used the sheets below.

thought-bubble-spider lit

We then watched some children’s youtube videos on spiders, and then wrote some facts about them too. Like below. We tried really hard to form our letters correctly, use our digraph/trigraph knowledge to write longer words, and make sure we use finger spaces between our words.

We then learnt about the parts of the spider and labelled them.


In maths we have been working a lot on adding single digit numbers. We played spider bingo.

We rolled the dice twice and then used our fingers, cubes and our number lines to help us add the numbers together. We then used our highlighters to mark off our bingo card.

Some of us also had a go at this one.

We had to add three numbers together. Again we used cubes to help us.


We enjoyed our craft activities this week. We made these hats first, so we could wear them whilst we sang this spider song.

We also created these too, using paper plates, card, paint, white chalk and googly eyes.

We then went on to make these spiders using wool, pipe cleaners and google eyes.

If none of those take your fancy you could create spiders using your hands and paint.

We hope you enjoy this weeks learning, as much as we did.

Take care Mrs Marriott and Mrs Briggs x


Week commencing 6th July

Hello Merlins!

Gosh, I can’t believe how quickly this term has gone! With less than two weeks to go, please continue to make use of the Oak National Academy learning activities on offer and your Active Learn games. The weather is due to change for the better this weekend so make sure you get out in the garden or visit your local park for some much needed warm, fresh air.

Have a good week.

Mrs Farrimond

Summer term week 11

Good morning Ospreys,

I hope you’re all well and keeping busy. I’m really sad that I’m not going to be seeing you all again before September. Please keep emailing me and sending what you’ve been up to and any work.

It’s week 11 on Oak Academy. The English is looking at poetry. I’d love to read some finished poems so please remember to email any that you’ve complete. This weeks Maths is patterns and problem solving. A few people have said that they are using BBC Bitesize instead of Oak Academy, that’s completely fine.

I’ve put a link below for a follow along lesson on you tube of how to draw a mountain landscape.

As always, please keep reading, I’ve put a couple of new things on Active Learn and keep going with TT Rockstars.

I hope you all have a great week and I’ll speak to you soon.

Mrs Bratt

Golden Eagles – Week beginning 6th July

Good morning!

I hope that you’re all keeping well and have had a lovely weekend.

I have phoned round and managed to speak to most of you. It was lovely chatting to you and getting to know what you’ve been up to. There are a couple of people who I have tried to phone a few times and haven’t got through; please contact me if there’s anything that you’re concerned with or if you’d like to talk to me.

On National Oak Academy this week, the focus in English is on short stories. At the end of the week, you will be asked to write a short story based on the myth of Hercules, involving a mythical creature.

In maths, the focus is on solving a range of problems; these lessons would be very useful in showing how you can apply your maths knowledge to problem solving. There are many other lessons for you to access, including Spanish, electrical circuits and music. Let me know which ones you have a go at.

Well done again to all those children who are continuing to complete the tasks on Active Learn. I have added some extra maths, spelling and grammar challenges for this week and please continue to practise your multiplication tables on TT Rockstars.

Take care and I’m looking forward to reading your short stories.

Mrs Bower

Chaffinches home-learning for week beginning 6th July

Hi Chaffinches,

I hope you are well.  Thank you so much for the work and messages that you’ve sent to me.  I’m really proud of you and how you’ve handled working at home.  I’ve loved hearing some of you read via video message. The Being Kind posters you’ve sent are really lovely and thoughtful. There has been some great art work sent in too. 

I do miss seeing your smiley faces, so please keep sending in the photos 🙂


Right now I’m busy studying your handwriting in the letters that have been sent to me: I will be awarding some pen licences later.

Please continue with Active learn for reading, and the Oak Academy for other lessons: there are some great topics for learning on there.


Please work hard to know your 2x, 5x and 10x tables and learn to derive divisions from them.  If you are confident in those, then move on to 3x, 4x and 8x tables: those are the ones we’ll start with in Year 3.

Also, make sure you can tell and write the time to five minutes, including quarter past, to the hour and quarter to.  If you aren’t confident with this, then please focus on it this week.


If you are learning from the Oak Academy you will be writing a recount at the end of the week,  Why don’t you all have a go at writing a recount about somewhere you’ve visited, now that many places are open?  I’ll write the opening to my recount of a place I visited yesterday.

Yesterday, I visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park with Mr Adams and my daughter, Amy.  We visited this wonderful place because I love the conservation work they do there to help endangered species of animals.  Another reason I wanted to visit there was because I wanted to see one of my favourite wild animals, the meerkat. 


Tricky words!











Practice spelling them and then write them in a sentence, making sure to use the correct spelling.

Eg.  The dogs ate all of their biscuits and were ready for some more.

Look over there at that beautiful sunset!

What is your favourite colour?

I think you’re great!


Take care Chaffinches and keep sending me in your work and messages!


Love from Mrs Adams 🙂

Snowy Owls – Week beginning 6th July

Hello, Snowies!

Thank you to everyone for sending photos and video clips for the Leavers’ DVD. What a great effort! I’m now busy making films and putting everything together. I’m hoping to get the DVD to you at some point next week. Watch this space!

I believe that Wales High, Aston Academy and Dinnington High have now all launched their transition activities.

If you haven’t yet heard from DHS, their transition site is here:

Each of the high schools has given you plenty to do, so I would definitely suggest that you prioritise getting to know as much as you can about your new school and having a go at the activities they have set.

I always love hearing from you, so please feel free to continue sending photos, work and messages.

Best wishes

Mrs Roberts

Wrens Home Learning – w/b 29/6/20

Hi everyone,

we would just like to start by saying to all who are home learning, keep up the great work! We are obviously missing seeing your little smiley faces, but we are loving your emails and photos. Please keep them coming.

This week in school we have based our learning around the book ‘Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell’. It did make us giggle when we heard the story.

Here is a link for you to listen to it.


As Norman flew off at the end of the story using a pair of pants, it got us thinking about other things he could perhaps use for a pair of wings. We drew a picture of what we thought would make a great pair of wings for him.

We also created these…

We tried to create repeating spiral patterns for his shell like above.


We have been doing lots of quick fire maths games to kick us off. Answering questions linked to doubling, one more and one less than numbers to 20, and adding/subtracting single digits.

Some of us have also been counting in 2’s to 20. We clapped these has we said them first. We then also completed these below. You could print them off and have a go too.

The sheet below we cut up for the children first. Then they had to put it together like a jigsaw. We then turned our paper over and tried to write the 2’s numbers to 20 independently.

Others in class had a go at these too..


We have been working a lot on sentences this week. We were trying hard to make sure we…

    • used finger spaces between our words
    • formed our letters correctly
    • used our phase 3 phonic knowledge to spell longer words we wanted to write.

First of all, we wrote all about our design for Norman’s new wings. We also watched some films online about slugs and snail, and then wrote about what we had learnt about them. Please don’t forget to keep working on your digraph/trigraph knowledge. Use the phase 3 mat below and see how many words you can write for each of the digraphs/trigraphs. For example, ‘igh’ trigraph – light, night, sight.

    Then write sentences with some of the words in too. For example, “The cow was on the farm”  “The light was on in my room”.
    Bye for now and keep going. You are doing a brilliant job.
    Love Mrs Marrriott & Mrs Briggs x


Chaffinches home-learning for Week beginning 29th June

Hi Chaffinches!

I hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend, even though the weather hasn’t been great: we need the sunshine back again 🙂

Thank you for all the work that has been sent in this week: there’s been some great work sent about Ancient Egypt with quite a few of you writing your name in hieroglyphics.  I also love the haiku poems that have been sent to me: they’ve certainly made me feel like it really is summer, despite the weather!


This week:

Please continue to learn using the Oak Academy.  The first English lesson focuses on retrieving information from non-chronological reports: the text is about one of my favourite animals, the panda.  The maths focuses on work around the 3 x table.  In geography you can learn about settlements, and in PSHE, you will be thinking about kindness and being kind.

Please use the Active Learn site for reading the online books.


Keep fit and active using the Zumba for kids videos on YouTube.



This week’s spellings focus on the suffix, ‘ness’:














As the theme in PSHE on the Oak Academy is all about kindness, I would like you to make a poster that encourages others to be kind and how they can be kind to all people.


I would also like to award some pen licences before you go into Year 3 and so if you think your handwriting is worthy of a pen licence (it’s beautifully neat and joined), or just to show me how much your handwriting has improved, then write me a letter telling me about your favourite thing you’ve done in lockdown.  I shall read it and hopefully award pen licences to some of you 🙂


Thank you and take care,


Love from Mrs Adams 🙂 x

Snowy Owls – Week beginning 29th June

Good afternoon, Snowies

Thank you to everyone who sent photos for the leavers’ film. It is now complete and I can confirm that you were all very sweet when you were four years old!

I now have 21 fantastic films of your favourite memories from your time at Anston Greenlands. Keep them coming! Additionally, if any of you would like to send a film of a particular talent, I would love to see them and they will feature of the Leavers’ DVD. So far, I’ve had singing, drumming, rugby and guitar playing!

Make sure you get your ‘I’m Still Standing’ Lip Sync videos to me by 3rd July (this Friday). Either send the film to me directly or use I have only received one of these so far from the children not in school. Please don’t be late – it will take us quite some time to put it together!

I’ve allocated two lines to everyone who has said they would like to be involved and I’ve sent this out. Please let me know if you haven’t received this. Feel free to sing in your clip if you would like to, but you don’t have to.

Again, please prioritise transition work from your new high school. I know some of you have quite a lot to do and I believe this will increase over the next few weeks for the rest of you.

Otherwise, keep going with the Oak Academy work, TT Rockstars, Rising Stars and Active Learn – whatever works well for you. This week on Oak Academy (Week 10), there is a focus on data handling in maths – this should be a good recap before you start Y7. In English, the teachers are looking at sections of the Shakespeare play, Macbeth. After your work last year linked to ‘The Tempest’, you already have experience of working with Shakespearian language, so I am sure you will find this interesting. Please feel free to send emails or photos showing me what you have been doing.

Best wishes – I hope to hear from you soon

Mrs Roberts

Summer Home-learning Tasks (week 10)

Good afternoon Merlins,

I hope you have all had a great weekend, although the weather has certainly took a turn for the worse – it’s fre-freezing!

For this week’s home learning tasks, I would like to you to continue to use the lessons on the Oak National Academy website. In maths, developing an understanding of clocks is the main theme this week, consolidating telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes, moving on towards the nearest 1 minute and by the end of the week being able to use different durations of time to find starting and finishing times.

In English, the theme is on composition with a particular focus on poetry at the beginning of the week. By the end of the week, I would like you to create a poem about something that is ‘special to you’. I look forward to reading your own ‘special’ poem.

There is a variety of foundation subjects to choose from this week. For instance, in PSHE the focus is about George Floyd and the catalyst for change and the Geography and Science links focuses on water and the mild weather in the UK.

Well done again to all those children who are continuing to complete the tasks on Active Learn. I have uploaded some more maths, spelling and grammar games for this week and please continue to practise your multiplication tables on TT Rockstars.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and reading your special poems.

Stay safe and warm!

Mrs Farrimond