What a STOMPING time we had!

We kicked our new topic off with our dinosaur WOW day. We learnt all about Paleontologists, and the famous  ‘Paleontologist and Fossil Hunter Mary Anning’. We then set about painting our hats, so we looked the part!

We then went out to explore our environment to see what we could find. We found some dinosaur bones. WOW! We then ticked each one of these off on our Paleontologist notebook. and put the bones together to create a T-rex.

Can you believe, whilst we were out a dinosaur came to visit our classroom, and he left us a letter.

He left us some baby dinosaur eggs. He wanted us to help the baby dinosaurs get out, so we set about thinking of ideas to help them break free from the ice.

What brilliant ideas we had too! We tried some of our ideas, and a few people were successful in releasing their baby dinosaur, however others needed a little bit of help. We used other things to accelerate the melting of the ice, such as sugar, salt and warm water.


Once everyone had released their baby dinosaur we set about finding out what type of baby dinosaur it was, and then we also gave them a name. Some of the names were brilliant, such as Tommy the T-rex.




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