Our Day as Victorian Paupers

On the 22nd of March 2017, Y5 and Y6 went to the Victorian Workhouse in Southwell to experience life as paupers.

Boys’ Experience

Throughout the whole morning, the boys and girls were segregated because that is what happened in Victorian times. I said, “It must have been devastating for the paupers’ families when they were separated.” The boys had the jobs of oakum picking, smashing rocks, chopping wood and emptying the toilets.

Girls’ Experience

When the girls got split up from the boys, we started by getting dressed in a dress, scarf and a bonnet. Then we got a tour of which was very interesting. Finally, we had the opportunity to try a workhouse school lesson.

In the afternoon, we had a debate about whether or not workhouses were a good option for Victorian paupers.

By Lily and Reuben

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