Buon Appetito!

Robins have had lots of fun this week sampling Italian cuisine. Firstly, we cooked spaghetti in class and then tried to eat it by twirling it around on our forks. Some of us managed it …others didn’t! Take a look at the photos to see how successful we were. Afterwards, we made a mind map of all of the adjectives that we could think of to describe the spaghetti, then we created our own shape poems about the pasta. Come and look at the display in our classroom, the poems are superb.

Later in the week we had a gelato, another type of food that Italy is famous for. Again, we wrote some fantastic poems about ice-cream, using our senses to help us to expand our vocabulary to include some interesting adjectives.

Italian food has definitely inspired us to write some super pieces of poetry this week. Well done Robins!

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