Zoom Zoom Zoom, Wrens Went to the Moon!

Last half term we learnt about Space!

We started by looking closely at our planet. Mrs Marriott introduced us to the characters ‘Michael Recycle and Captain Planet’ , as apparently they needed our help! They wanted us to learn about the 3r’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle),so we could help to look after our planet, and also spread the word.


Mrs Marriott made us their assistants, and every assistant needs a hat!

DSCF7859 DSCF7861

 We then started to learn about the 3r’s.(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

DSCF7986 DSCF7987

We went on a ‘Big Litter Pick’ around our school grounds.

We then went and looked around school to see what items we ‘Recycle‘. This then enabled us to spread the word at home, and remind our parents/carers about ‘Recycling’. We then helped by creating posters and leaflets, to make others aware in school too!

We made paper mache planet Earths, which lit up when a torch was shone inside of them. We tried this in the hall, and it was lots of fun!

DSCF8016 DSCF8015 DSCF8005IMG_0807IMG_0810IMG_0812

‘Michael Recycle and Captain Planet’ thought we did an amazing job, so they gave us this badge as a reward.


Whilst on planet Earth, we had a think about how we could visit the other planets and what we would need to achieve this. We used our amazing creative skills to create astronaut helmets and back packs. Mrs Marriott gave us our ‘Astronaut ID Badges’ too!

We then learnt about rockets and created several using various construction materials. We used 3D shapes to create these in our maths lessons, and then talked about the shapes we had used.

DSCF8033 DSCF8025

We had fun with a balloon rocket outside. We learnt that the more air we put in the balloon, the further it travelled along the string.


After that, we had to create a rocket that would be big enough to take us into space. We then thought about the sounds it would make when it launched!

We then learnt all the other planets names by using a mnemonic. ‘My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets’ This really helped us to remember each planets position. We learnt lots of facts about the planets, and we then had a vote to decide which planet we would visit. It was decided that we would visit planet Mars, before going to the moon.

Then we prepared for blast off!


10… 9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… BLAST OFF!!

We obviously got a little hungry whilst out in space, so we tried some astronaut ice cream. Guess what? Some of us wanted more!


We then visited the moon…..

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/-w_jlvQm1Ic”]

Whilst in space, we learnt about constellations. We then had a go at creating some of our own.

DSCF8223 DSCF8224DSCF8225

After a little while, we decided it was time to go back home. On our arrival we saw a large green box, with a note. The note said that we couldn’t open the box until Wednesday, which was 2 sleeps away! We all tried to guess what was inside.

DSCF8109 DSCF8110 DSCF8111

Guess what it turned out to be?


A friendly alien called ‘Zog’. We wanted him to feel at home, so we set about using our creative skills to draw him some friends.

We also made him some patterned pants, as we all know, ‘Alien’s Love Underpants’.

DSCF8114 DSCF8115 DSCF8112

We even made a spaceship for our very own aliens. What do you think?


We then looked closely at Zog’s passport. We could see that it was going to be his 5th birthday soon, and we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate this.

IMG_1465 IMG_1450 IMG_1318 IMG_1317 DSCF8322 DSCF8323

We also went on a visit to the ‘National Space Centre in Leicester’ , where we blew the ladies socks off with our knowledge of space. We also met ‘Astronaut George’.


We finished our fabulous topic off, with our very own ‘Galactic Olympics’. We invited all of our parents/carers, and we had a brilliant time completing the space themed activities.

The money raised from this event has helped to purchase new resources for our next topic, which is called ‘Beside the Sea’. We would all like to say a big thank you for your support and encouragement this last half term.


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