Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. We’re going to the moon!

This is the first line of one of our favourite songs that we have been learning in Robins.

What a fantastic half term we have had in Year 1.  The children have loved learning about space and in particular about Neil Armstrong and the moon landings.  We have certainly covered a lot of ground and it has been a joy to see lots of children bringing in some high quality Show and Tell about space from home. Last week, the children demonstrated excellent teamwork skills.  They worked in small groups to design, create and then most importantly evaluate their own moon buggy.  The children learned about how most vehicles need axles and a chassis.  You will see from the photos that they found this lots of fun and worked very hard together.

Although, we are coming towards the end of this topic, we were very excited to welcome ‘The History Van’ to our class this week.  We spent a whole day learning about the space race, the moon landings and we also undertook training to be astronauts.  We even tried space bananas and made medals for one another, just like the one that Neil Armstrong received after his trip to the moon. The highlight of the day though had to be making our own rockets and then launching them together.  Some went so high that they hit the ceiling of the hall!  Here are some photos of our special day.



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