Yo Ho, Yo Ho! It’s definitely a pirate’s life for us!

In preparation for our final event, we created our own pirate bunting and flags. We designed a pirate bandanna, which we then copied on to fabric. We came up with the ideas for the challenges, which also meant we had to learn about magnetism first for one of them. We painted props for another challenge, which involved using our very well developed fine motor skills.

We then set about creating jewellery for the pirates chest, and a medal for when we had completed the challenges.

After all our hard work it was time to bring our half term adventure topic to a close. This was not quite as planned, due to the weather, but we still had a GREAT time!

We had 8 challenges to complete to become fully fledged honorary pirates.

We wanted to see what it felt like to walk the plank.

Working on our Aiming Skills – Trying to sink the pirate ships with cannon balls.

Pirate Ship Race – Who will be first to get to their destination?

Playing Pirate Noughts and Crosses – To keep us occupied whilst on the ship.

Refill Pirate Blackbeard’s Drink – The hard way!

Find the Real Treasure  – This is when our magnetism knowledge came in handy.

Working on our Aiming Skills (round 2) – get the hoop on the pirate’s hook.

Then it was time for our final challenge. This also helped us to cool down!

Cannon Ball Toss – Who can stop their cannon ball from exploding? This is when our throwing and catching skills came in to play from our previous PE lessons.

It was then time to hydrate.

We then thought we would finish our day with some extra fun to celebrate becoming honorary pirates.

Water Fun

What a blast we have had this year. Thank you everyone for your support this year.

Have a great summer. Mrs Marriott and Mrs Briggs x





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