Wrens Maths Activities

Hi all, I hope you’ve all managed to log on now to Active Learn, if not please email school. I will continue to allocate books and phonics games on here, so keep checking on it.

Here are some more maths activity ideas.

Maths Activity 1 – To develop add two single digit numbers using objects to help.

Adult – write some number sentences on pieces of paper.

For example –

3 + 2 =

5 + 2 =

5 + 4 = and so on.

Then your child could use their cars, play people, bricks etc to answer the number sentences given. You could keep changing the number sentences and make them a little more challenging.

See the picture below to help with this.

Math activity that uses toy cars and practices addition.


Maths Activity 2 – Numbers which are ‘More and Less Than’

For example – your child rolls 3 + 3 = 6. Ask your child to tell you a number which is more than 6. Then ask them to tell you a number which is less than this.

Maths Activity 3 – Use this online maths resource.

This site has some fun interactive maths resources, but has also got use useful files to download and print to use too.


Bye for now.

Mrs Marriott x


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