Wow Day: Merlins and Ospreys go back to the Stone Age!

We have had a great day to launch our topic about the Stone Age: Can you survive the Stone Age?

Children in Merlins and Ospreys learned about cave paintings, such as the famous ones that were discovered in Lascaux, France.  They were able to create modern day-style cave paintings to represent life today.  The children then took on the role of archaeologists and had to examine some evidence from the Stone Age – some coprolites, or Stone Age poo!  They examined the coprolites for evidence of what Stone Age people would have eaten: they discovered a variety of seeds, gravel and fish bones.

After reading How to wash a woolly mammoth, and learning more about mammoths, the children then started to make their own 3D models of woolly mammoths!

Enjoy seeing what we’ve been up to today!





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