What a stomping success!!!

Wrens and Robins have had a stomping afternoon. The children helped kick start the afternoon with a fabulous dinosaur dance. The children used their creative skills to make feet, hats and tails so they even looked the part. Rah!


Family time, then began with a dinosaur quiz, where the children had to work with their parents/carers to answer the twelve questions about dinosaurs, which were pinned up around the school grounds.

DSCF5890 DSCF5891 DSCF5892 DSCF5893

They then had to go and check their answers in our dinosaur dome! Ooooooooo!!!!!!

DSCF5875 DSCF5874


There were lots of other activities for them to work together to complete, throughout the afternoon.

The children could feed the dinosaurs, whilst working on their target skills. The herbivores liked the green bean bags and the carnivores liked the red ones.

DSCF5882 DSCF5883



The children could even make their very own dinosaur fossil.


Complete the dinosaur puzzles.

DSCF5894 DSCF5896

Match the facts to the dinosaur silhouettes.



Estimate how many dinosaurs were in Harry’s bucket. (psssss not 6 this time!!)


Create their very own dinosaur skeletons.

DSCF5905DSCF5901DSCF5900 DSCF5903DSCF5904

Help the dinosaurs to escape from the ice!


Luckily the weather was on our side, which enabled everyone to have a lovely afternoon. Thank you to everyone that helped us to prepare for this event and to everyone that attended. Our next topic is ‘Superheroes’!!! 



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