What a great day out for Merlins and Ospreys: learning about animals in their habitats!


The children in Merlins and Ospreys had a fantastic day out at Woodside Wildlife Park.  We were greeted by the rangers, Robin and James, and couldn’t have been made more welcome.  The children were so impressed with the animals  (which included a sloth, lemurs, a giant tortoise, fruit bats, marmoset monkeys, a macaw, meerkats, a tiger, a lynx, a tapir, white wolves and otters) that they saw, and the knowledge they gained about them from our guides, that they’ve written letters of thanks to them.

Children in Ospreys had a lot to say about the visit:

‘I loved learning about how wolves live in packs and that wolves fight to decide who will be the leader.’

‘It was great being able to stroke the owls and lizards and we were able to hold a boa constrictor: it was awesome!’

‘We always thought that an owl could turn its head all the way round but in fact it can only turn its head around 270 degrees.’

‘It was great seeing the tiger, Julia, who they rescued from a circus.’

‘Tapirs have a prehensile nose which they use like a hand to grasp things.’

Needless to say, Ospreys are still talking about the visit and are currently producing a leaflet about the Wildlife park.


Here are some photos of our fabulous day!




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