We had some special visitors!

We have been learning about ‘People Who Help Us’ in our school and in the community. We have had lots of visitors, but we had some very special ones!

This is Russ the Paramedic and his ambulance. Russ even let us look inside the ambulance and he showed us all the equipment he carried on board too.


DSCF4485 DSCF4489

DSCF4488 DSCF4490DSCF4496DSCF4500

Russ even put the siren on when he left!

Our next visitors were called Richard and Ryan from the Police Service. They were both PCSO’s (Police Community Support Officers). We were very lucky, as they also brought a police car.


Richard talked about how they help us and he showed us all the equipment ‘Police Officers’ use today.

DSCF4585 DSCF4586 DSCF4590 DSCF4599

He talked about his uniform and how important it was.


We even tried their hats on for size. What do you think?

DSCF4592 DSCF4593

Richard and Ryan then let us go inside the police car and we even got to press the siren!

DSCF4604  DSCF4606 DSCF4607 DSCF4609DSCF4605DSCF4611


We thoroughly enjoyed our visitors coming and we learnt a lot from them.

DSCF4614 DSCF4615

We used all our photos to help us with our work in class. We also painted thank you portraits of all our visitors and wrote them thank you cards too.

Next half term we have now managed to organise a visit from the fire service too!

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