There’s been a murder! Golden Eagles and Snowy Owls need to find out whodunnit!

Earlier this week the Snowy Owls and Golden Eagles children were greeted with a task, to solve a murder! They carried out a white powder investigation to try and crack the case.

Each child is now a suspect and has been given a name and job. Below are a few examples of our could-be criminals.

Only today another murder has taken place. This time is was Professor Brian Fox who croaked. He was poisoned while filming for a new documentary near Flamborough lighthouse around some rock pools. A few things were found near Fox’s body: a fossil, a charm from a bracelet, a notebook with a torn out missing page and an arcade token.

It’s not looking good for Gary Gambles and Freddie Sparkles, our amusement arcade owners. I wonder whether our lighthouse keepers, Arthur Lightson and Gordon Flash saw anything?

Keep checking the website for more updates and hopefully no more murders!


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