Summer week 3 – May the Fourth be with you!

Hi Chaffinches!


I hope you are all well.  I’m missing you all.  Thank you so much for all the letters I have received so far: I’ve loved reading them and finding out what you’ve been up to. 🙂

As today is Star Wars day, I thought I’d set you some related challenges – some STEM challenges.  Why don’t you have a go at making a robot, a planet or the Solar System? Perhaps you could make a Lego spacecraft, design an alien or research our Solar System etc.  Here are some links to help you; I hope they’re useful.


I have updated Active Learn and have allocated some phonics/grammar, punctuation, spelling tasks for you to look at and complete.

One of the interactive games is about imperative verbs.  We used these when we wrote a set of instructions about ‘A Jar of Kindness’.  I’d like you to have a go at writing another set of instructions using imperative verbs.  Your instructions could be linked to the STEM activities above:

how to build a robot

how to make a model of the solar system

how to build a lego spacecraft

or, could be instructions on how to cook or bake something.

The instructions that you write can be photographed and emailed to me or posted to school. Thank you 🙂


This week I’d like you to revisit multiplication.  There is a tutorial video on Active Learn, then some nrich investigations and other tasks I’ve allocated you, relating to multiplication.


Please carry on reading: I know how much you love it!

Your reading challenge is to read a book under the covers – you could make a tent: use a torch if it’s too dark to see.

As I’ve said before, if there are any issues that arise, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Missing all Chaffinches and hope to see you soon 🙂

Here are some of the photos I’ve been sent to show how busy you’ve been!

VE Day 2020

On Friday May 8th, it is VE Day, when Britain will be commemorating its 75th anniversary.  Try to find out why it is so important for us to remember.  You could help to make some bunting to decorate your house and if you’d like to share any pictures, we’ll be announcing details of our VE Day Celebration Wall soon!

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