Stories can be great fun for everyone!

Well, we kicked our topic off with a visit to the pantomime, where we watched ‘Cinderella’ . We liked all the characters, well, except for the two ugly stepsisters!!!!!!

At the interval we all got an ice lolly! Oh no you didn’t! Oh yes we did!

Take a look below…


As you might already know, we have been using the story ‘Cinderella’ and learning to retell it using ‘Pie Corbett’s – Talk for Writing’, but we also used it as a stimulus for all our other areas of the curriculum too.

Take a look at some of the activities we have been doing below.

We created pictures of characters from the story, using only resources we could find in our outside environment.

We also learnt about the story ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’.

We all decided to become elves for the morning. We started by creating elf name badges. We then made elf hats, which made us all look the part!

Then guess what happened?

A letter arrived from the shoemaker, who was very sad!

He had only gone and lost ten of his shoes in our outside environment. As elves are helpful, we decided to offer him our help!

We all set off with our maps.

DSCF7454 DSCF7457 DSCF7463 DSCF7464 DSCF7465

Once we found one of the missing shoes, we had to record where it was on our map.

We managed to find six out of the ten shoes!! The shoemaker was so impressed with our efforts.

As our final event was fast approaching, we decided to write invitations to our parents.

DSCF7495 DSCF7493

Our event was called ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of this fairytale’.

We had twelve challenges that we could try to complete, time allowing. These were all based around our Mathematics curriculum, and aspects of it that we had been learning this half term. Most of the challenges were also linked to fairy tales/traditional tales.

We had a map to help us find the challenges and a challenge book to record in. If we managed to complete the challenge, we were given a star! The person with the most stars at the end would receive a prize.

Once again we all dressed up for the occasion.


We were then given our maps, challenge books and handmade bags. We used our bags to place our stars in.

Then off we went to the hall, where our parents/carers had all gathered! We were blown away with the amount of support!!!


Then the fun began….

We had to create a repeating pattern using sweets. We used ‘Hansel and Gretel’s’ sweets to be exact.


We had to identify the coins in the ‘Magic Porridge Pot’.


We had to work together to guide our partner past the bad characters using directional language.


We had to make the o’clock time said. We were good at this, as we knew ‘Cinderella’ had to leave the ball before the clock struck 12.


We had to take a handful of Jack’s beans and then count them accurately. We then had to say what one more and one less than this amount was.


We have learnt so much this half term through the use of stories, and it was great fun too!!!

Thank you to everyone who supported us this half term. We couldn’t do it without you.

You will be pleased to know, we have already planted the seed for our next topic.


IMG_0551 IMG_0552

Our next topic is called ‘In the Garden’






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