Snowy Owls – Week beginning 29th June

Good afternoon, Snowies

Thank you to everyone who sent photos for the leavers’ film. It is now complete and I can confirm that you were all very sweet when you were four years old!

I now have 21 fantastic films of your favourite memories from your time at Anston Greenlands. Keep them coming! Additionally, if any of you would like to send a film of a particular talent, I would love to see them and they will feature of the Leavers’ DVD. So far, I’ve had singing, drumming, rugby and guitar playing!

Make sure you get your ‘I’m Still Standing’ Lip Sync videos to me by 3rd July (this Friday). Either send the film to me directly or use I have only received one of these so far from the children not in school. Please don’t be late – it will take us quite some time to put it together!

I’ve allocated two lines to everyone who has said they would like to be involved and I’ve sent this out. Please let me know if you haven’t received this. Feel free to sing in your clip if you would like to, but you don’t have to.

Again, please prioritise transition work from your new high school. I know some of you have quite a lot to do and I believe this will increase over the next few weeks for the rest of you.

Otherwise, keep going with the Oak Academy work, TT Rockstars, Rising Stars and Active Learn – whatever works well for you. This week on Oak Academy (Week 10), there is a focus on data handling in maths – this should be a good recap before you start Y7. In English, the teachers are looking at sections of the Shakespeare play, Macbeth. After your work last year linked to ‘The Tempest’, you already have experience of working with Shakespearian language, so I am sure you will find this interesting. Please feel free to send emails or photos showing me what you have been doing.

Best wishes – I hope to hear from you soon

Mrs Roberts

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