Snowy Owls – Week beginning 18th May

Good Morning, Snowies!

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. It was great to see so many photos of you all from the VE day celebrations – it looks like you were having a fantastic time!

I have allocated two more maths games and a spelling activity on Active Learn. I can see that some of you have completed almost all of the tasks I have set so far.

This activity is great for problem solving. You’ll need to use prime numbers and square numbers to complete it – remind yourself of these by looking online if you can’t remember.

Keep going with Rising Stars and TTRockstars – I’m very impressed with how well you are doing on these. There are some very high earners now!

To extend your maths learning, have a look at this website about the platonic solids. I love the option to spin the shapes – if you’re feeling creative, you can make the shapes from their nets.

For science this week, these two video clips are a good recap of the work we have covered on reversible and irreversible changes.

If you want to find out more about this area of science, these resources will help:

Enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs Roberts

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