Snowy Owls take their learning outside with the Woodland Trust

On Thursday 20th October, the Snowy Owls were lucky enough to have a visit from Sarah and Jess from the Woodland Trust.

After a couple of warm up games, we searched for wildlife, making a comparison between the animals we found on the school field and those we discovered in the woodland area. Our hypothesis that we would find a greater variety of creatures in the woods than on the field proved to be correct! When we were classifying the animals, as well as herbivores, omnivores and carnivores, we found out about a new group of creatures, detritivores, which feed on dead and decaying plant material. Plenty of detritivores live in our woodland!

For the rest of the morning, we had lots of fun creating our own ‘boggarts’ and designing mini habitats for them to live in.

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