2023-09-29 17:28:02 mbaldwin

As part of our La Bella Fiesta topic, Merlins and Ospreys have been learning all about volcanoes this week. On Wednesday we collaborated and created some amazing artwork based on Nick Rowland’s volcano piece.

Take a look at what we produced

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'La Bella Fiesta' is launched!

2023-09-12 15:48:42 jforbes

Merlins and Ospreys launched their new topic today with a fantastic Wow Day! This term the children will be learning about modern and ancient Rome and end the topic with ‘La Bella Fiesta’ – a fabulous party!  This half term, we will be learning about life in Ancient Rome and in particular the role of a Roman Soldier. After half term, we will be learning about food, culture and traditions of modern Rome. Today the children have been making laurel wreaths, designing mosaics and have tasted food that would have been around in Roman times.  The final activity was listening to the myth of Romulus and Remus and then acting out the story.

See how much fun we had below.


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Our visit to Woodside Wildlife Park!

2023-07-17 15:46:12 jadams

Merlins and Ospreys had a great visit to Woodside Wildlife Park where they got to learn more about conservation and habitats. The children had the opportunity to see sloths, lemurs (up close), wolves, meerkats, otters as well as many other animals.

What a great day out!

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Nous aimons chanter

2023-07-14 12:01:07 jforbes

Over the last two weeks, a group of talented linguists from Merlins and Ospreys have been learning several songs in French.  They have practised through their lunchtimes, at home and have mastered the lyrics of an original pop song by the French artist Keen ‘V. The song is called ‘Je garde le sourire’ – ‘Keep smiling’ and the lyrics are about staying positive and being resilient.  The children have also learnt a song about different parts of the face to help consolidate their learning in class.  All the children in Merlins and Ospreys have shown enthusiasm, talent and a great recall of French vocabulary throughout the year. Merci beaucoup – vous êtes merveilleux!


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The Dream Team!

2023-06-29 16:59:39 kroberts

During the morning and evening of Wednesday 28th June, the Key Stage 2 children from Anston Greenlands Primary School put on a stunning performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

I hope that all members of our audiences would agree that all the children’s hard work paid off. The staff were thrilled with the quality of the performances from our actors, singers and dancers. There are definitely some future stars of stage and screen in our school! All of our behind-the-scenes crew worked maturely and with terrific independence to make sure that the play ran as smoothly as possible.

A huge thank you goes to our parents, carers, grandparents, family members and friends for all of your support with learning lines, providing costumes and finding props. You made a fantastic audience – thank you for laughing and clapping in all the right places!

Although we were able to use our beautiful outdoor stage for our morning performance, the great British weather meant that our evening show had to take place indoors. We were so impressed with the way in which the children adapted to the changes so expertly. For those of you who were unable to join us, we would like to share some photos of the play as it was supposed to look!

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