We will remember!

2022-11-13 23:30:28 jadams

Children from Merlins and Ospreys walked to the Cenotaph in Dinnington, to learn about its significance and history in our local area.  The Cenotaph was unveiled in 1922 and now has 110 names, engraved on it. The soldiers it commemorates  died in the First and Second World Wars, including the Battle of the Somme in World War One.

We learned about the Order of Service that usually takes place on Remembrance Sunday, including prayers; had two minutes silence and listened to the Last Post before laying a wreath on the memorial.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
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Back to the Stone Age for Merlins and Ospreys: a great day at Creswell Crags!

2022-10-30 17:46:45 jadams

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What a great day Merlins and Ospreys had at Creswell Crags.  The children were able to walk in the footsteps of early humans and woolly mammoths through the dramatic gorge there. They were able to marvel at the Ice Age rock art still visible in the extraordinary caves. They were able to enjoy exploring amongst the timeless beauty of the woodland, meadow, and reflective lake.

The children learned that Creswell Crags is riddled with naturally-formed caves which were once home to Ice Age animals, Neanderthals and humans.
The site’s archaeology includes thousands of artefacts and fossilized bones and the only Ice Age rock art in Britain. Every object tells a tale of the deep history and illustrates the fascinating story of how people lived in what was once the extreme northern frontier of the known world.

The children were split  into “tribes” and then participated in different workshops: a cave tour where children learned about tools used in the Stone Age, survival skills where children got to build shelters and throw spears, and examine bones of wolves, lions and hyenas and piece them together.

What a fun, educational day we had!




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Nous fêtons la Journée Européenne des Langues   

2022-09-26 21:05:28 jforbes

Today we have celebrated the European Day of Languages.  At Anston Greenlands, we enjoy learning French, therefore it was lovely to see children coming to school dressed in the colours of the French flag to celebrate this special day. We started the morning by eating a selection of croissants, pain au chocolats and brioches, followed by a glass of jus d’orange.  Children were also invited to take part in a competition and prizes were awarded for those who came dressed as a French monument or a famous French person.  We were blown away by the creativity of some of the entries: it was a very difficult decision to choose the winners!

Over the past few weeks, children have also been learning a new song in French for the day.  Please see the videos below.

It has been lovely to hear French being spoken throughout the day all around school; from children in FS2 through to Y6.

Merci beaucoup to all the children; vous êtes fantastique!





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Wow Day: Merlins and Ospreys go back to the Stone Age!

2022-09-12 21:22:34 jadams

We have had a great day to launch our topic about the Stone Age: Can you survive the Stone Age?

Children in Merlins and Ospreys learned about cave paintings, such as the famous ones that were discovered in Lascaux, France.  They were able to create modern day-style cave paintings to represent life today.  The children then took on the role of archaeologists and had to examine some evidence from the Stone Age – some coprolites, or Stone Age poo!  They examined the coprolites for evidence of what Stone Age people would have eaten: they discovered a variety of seeds, gravel and fish bones.

After reading How to wash a woolly mammoth, and learning more about mammoths, the children then started to make their own 3D models of woolly mammoths!

Enjoy seeing what we’ve been up to today!





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Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

2022-07-18 13:05:08 kroberts

On the afternoon and evenings of Wednesday 30th June, the Key Stage 2 children from Anston Greenlands Primary School put on a stunning performance of ‘Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.’

I hope that all members of our audiences would agree that all of the children’s hard work paid off. The staff team were thrilled with the quality of the performances. There are definitely some future stars of stage and screen in our school! All of our behind-the-scenes crew worked maturely and with terrific independence to make sure that the play ran as smoothly as possible.

A huge thank you goes to our parents, carers, grandparents, family members and friends for all of your support with learning lines, providing costumes and finding props. You made a fantastic audience – thank you for laughing and clapping in all the right places!

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