School Victorian-Style

On Wednesday 4th January, the Golden Eagles and Snowy Owls had an unexpected and unusual first day back, as their classrooms went back in time by 140 years and they experienced life in a Victorian school.

The classrooms were very quiet, as Victorian school children were not allowed to speak or put their hands up unless given permission. Of course, no one wanted to risk being punished! We took part in a maths lesson, in which we had to calculate with pounds, shillings, guineas, farthings and florins – and were very grateful for decimalisation! Our afternoon PE lesson was also very different, as we tried out a ‘drill’ session from a genuine Victorian lesson plan.

Finally, we had the opportunity to try on some genuine Victorian clothes.

We are all looking forward to an action-packed term. Our topic, ‘The Great Global Bake Off’, will lead towards a fantastic food festival. Watch this space!

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