Robins and Wrens Superhero Soiree!

We had a fantastic afternoon celebrating the end of our Superhero topic. The children thoroughly enjoyed the different range of outdoor missions with the support of their parents. They especially enjoyed knocking down the buildings with their super power kicks and punches! Other missions included pinning Batman’s badge in the correct place, target throwing and an agility course.

In addition, the children made items to sell for their class enterprising funds here are a few photos of the things they made.



Tin can robot flower pots – using recycled tins, nuts, bolts and wires

Clay Superhero tiles – using Lego to print

Bat balloons

A big thank you to all the parents/carers who donated buns and cakes for our stall.

We raised £23 just from our Fairtrade banana milkshake stall that the children made. This brought grand total to £98.


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