Robins and Chaffinches visit Conisbrough Castle

Our visit to a castle was eagerly anticipated, even the journey on the coach was an adventure.

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We found out lots of interesting information about who lived in the castle 850 years ago. We made a human timeline and then we were able to dress up and act out roles of different people who lived in the castle. We were very busy because the castle was expecting a visit from the king!

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During the day we also used puppets to tell different stories about castle life, we had a go at firing a bow and arrow and we enjoyed spotting all the different parts of the castle that we have been learning about in class.

Our visit up to the top of the Keep was very exciting and a highlight for all of us. The views were amazing, someone even thought that they could see Greenlands Park from up there!


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It was a wonderful day out, made even more so by the fantastic behaviour and manners that the children showed throughout the day. Great ambassadors for our school!




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