Robins and Chaffinches ‘putt’ their design skills to the test

This term, we have been learning all about Italy’s culture, music, art, geography and history.  As part of this focus, we have also undertaken a huge design and technology project. To gather our ideas initially, we visited Paradise Island Adventure Golf and carried out an analysis of what makes a good mini golf course.  We then researched about the different landmarks and cultural aspects of Italy and these provided us with ideas for a possible Italian themed 9 hole golf course.  We used our research to design and then create our holes.



After having created our holes, we tested our designs in the hall and adapted them to make them successful.


Finally, we invited our families to try out our 9 hole golf course with us.

Robins and Chaffinches designed the score card and ran the whole event welcoming parents and grandparents, handing out equipment. At the end of the course parents were encouraged to fill out an evaluation sheet.  Here are some of their opinions and comments of the course.

“We thought it was brilliant and we wouldn’t change a thing”

“A lot of thought and preparation has gone into this event, it is obvious that the children have learnt a lot”

“It was very creative and imaginative”

Jason Ripley, the golf professional from Rother Valley Golf Course attended the event and gave us his encouragement, offering a few tips too and providing us with a trophy.


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