Reptiles Past and Present!

We started off by thinking about a final event, as this would then give us something to work towards. We all decided that we would like to put on a dance show for our parents and carers. We thought we could call it the ‘Dinosaur Stomp’.

We then decided that we all needed to look the part, so we set about using our creative skills to make some dinosaur feet and a tail for the show! What do you think?

We also made our own dinosaurs! We made them very bright and colourful, just like Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs!

Whilst we were so busy being creative, no one noticed that a dinosaur had left us their eggs to look after. Guess what? The eggs hatched!!!!!

IMG_5387 IMG_5388 IMG_5389

We also had a different visitor come to our classroom too!

IMG_5667 IMG_5668

We all worked together to weave a crocodile.

We measured snakes and talked about our findings in one of our maths lessons.

Before we knew it, performance day had arrived!  We had spent so much time learning and perfecting our dinosaur dancers for our show in our PE lessons.

All the hard work certainly paid off. Our show was amazing! We even got our parents and carers to join in too.

We also went on a school trip to embed and develop our learning further! Whilst we were there, some of us were very brave! We actually met some reptiles and mini-beasts. (Another 50 things before leaving Anston Greenlands ticked off!)

We met some other reptiles too…..

After our school trip, we took a walk down memory lane. We had to hunt for the hidden letter cards around our playground and then write down the animal that started with that letter sound.

We used our creative skills outside too. We went and drew reptiles that we had learnt about. Artists in the making!


We have learnt so much this half term about reptiles and grown so fond of them. We decided that we wanted to donate some of the money raised at our final event to the World Wide Fund for Nature, so they could help ‘Marine Turtles’. 

Thank you to everyone that attended our event. We hope you had as much fun as we did!





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