Reading & Spelling Task for Wrens

Hi, hope you’re all well, and behaving for your family. I have set you some tasks now to help you continue to develop your reading and spelling of words.

t-l-90101-phase-2-to-5-high-frequency-words-word-mat-_ver_2 (1)

As we can’t write you any more words to read in your home learning book, please use the list above to complete the two tasks below.

Task 1

Adults : ask your child to have a go at reading the words, starting at phase 2, and working along the phases. As your child is doing this, please make a note of the ones they need to work on as they are going along. If your child manages phase 2, move to 3 and then 4.

Then on another occasion, you could work on the words they initially struggled with, and keep working on these.

Task 2

Adult: You could then work on the spelling of these words. Again start with phase 2, and then if your child manages this work on 3 & 4.

You could use chalk outside, magnetic letters, a whiteboard and pen, or just a pencil and paper. Whatever makes it more interesting for your child.

Have fun!

Mrs Marriott x


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