Our visitor from Zambia

Last week, we were fortunate enough to host another teacher from our partner school, Twayuka Basic in Kalulushi.

Joyce spent time in each classroom over the week, observing lessons and helping us to find out about different aspects of her country.

In Golden Eagles and Snowy Owls, we wrote some beautiful poetry about our hopes, dreams and passions, leaving every other line blank for a contribution from the children in our partner school; these poems were presented to Joyce so that they can be completed in Twayuka.

Additionally, we spent some time finding out all about the struggle for independence in Zambia, which was finally achieved in 1964. Joyce spoke to us about the Independence Day celebrations which take place all over Zambia each October.

Finally, we learnt how to sing the National Anthem of Zambia in both English (the official language of Zambia) and Bemba (the country’s most widely spoken indigenous language).

On Friday, Joyce joined us for an assembly, during which we sang Scarborough Fair, a traditional English song, as well as the Zambian national anthem. We presented Joyce with a piece of artwork which has been started by the children of Anston Greenlands, and which we hope will be completed by the pupils of Twayuka Basic. As you can see below, this shows the flags and outlines of both countries, and is illustrated with animals which are native to the British Isles– this represents our support for one of the 17 UN Global Goals: Goal 15 – Life on Land. To round off the celebrations, Joyce treated us to a traditional Zambian song.

If you would like to find out more about the Global Goals, visit: www.globalgoals.org



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