Our very first PE lesson!

We managed to get dressed in our PE kit. We all look very smart and keen to learn!

DSCF4357 DSCF4358

The hall was very big for us little people. Our first job was to take our pumps off and then find a space. We are still working on this!


Next we warmed up our bodies by playing the ‘jellybean’ game. We loved this and we were very good at listening.

First we were string beans…


Then we were jumping beans…


Then we were baked beans on toast…


Then we were broad beans…


Mrs Marriott introduced lots of other beans and she kept changing the beans very quickly to try and catch us out, but to also get our bodies warmed up.

We then worked in our teams and used some small pieces of equipment.

DSCF4385 DSCF4392 DSCF4393 DSCF4398 DSCF4403

Keeping control of the ball was quite difficult, but we tried so hard to achieve this with some success too.

We all loved our first PE lesson!!!!


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