Our Superhero Day at Kingswood!

Well the day went by so fast!!!  (faster-than-the-speed-of-light)

From the minute they stepped off the coach at ‘Kingswood Adventure Centre’ the children were on the go.

Robins and Wrens were split up into four groups and each of the groups were given a superhero name. They then set off with their leader to complete different missions. Once the mission was allocated to the children they always ‘stayed the course’ – just like a superhero!!!!! They always completed it, in spite of failure, misgivings and setbacks. As superheroes they persevered!!!

Look at some of the missions they had to complete ….

Indoor Laser Mission- This tested the children’s aiming skills, but also encouraged them to work as a team. They loved this mission and they were very keen to participate.


DSCF5972 DSCF5970 DSCF5960DSCF5964

Low Ropes Mission- This obstacle course encouraged the children to communicate and cooperate with each other. It also tested their balance and coordination as they moved around each element, tackling the challenges these presented. The children had to navigate a series of ropes, bridges and poles. They were brilliant at this and easily completed this mission!


Problem Solving Mission – The children had to work their way around purpose-built problem solving parks, which incorporated a range of problems and puzzles. This activity encouraged the children to work as a team, promoted leadership and communication skills. There was always more than one way to proceed, so teams needed to use their initiative and make quick decisions. Cooperation – was definitely the key to success here. The children achieved their mission yet again!

DSCF5985 DSCF5986

They had to work together to manoeuvre the bomb (above) safely to the designated area.


They had to climb through charlotte’s web without touching it. (just like laser beams)


They had to work out how to balance the giant see-saw. They had to do this stood up, laid down and also whilst on their bottoms. This looked very easy, but it wasn’t!

The Bushcraft Mission –  This was an exciting activity that taught the children a wide range of bushcraft skills necessary to survive in a wilderness scenario. The children were encouraged to think about which elements can be utilised in conjunction with newly acquired skills; such as learning to construct a shelter (our superhero base camp) and how to make our very own water filter.


They built this superhero basecamp.

DSCF5978  DSCF5980


The children’s water filters (above)

Large Meccano Mission -Children worked in small teams to create some superhero transport. Teamwork, planning and decision-making were essential skills needed to achieve this successfully. The children had great fun! Look at what they built….


Unfortunately the children ran out of time on this mission, but they moved on with positivity!!!!!!

The children obviously had a rest in between missions to rehydrate and recharge their batteries.


Here’s some of them at Snack time.

DSCF5982 DSCF5983

They also had their lunch. The lunch time choices were amazing!

Well the children thoroughly enjoyed their ‘superheroes training day’.

The leaders even came to wave us off on the coach.


Superhero training continues back at school…..



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