Our First PE lesson!

Well we tried so hard to get ourselves dressed for PE today! We all looked very smart in our lovely PE kits.

We went into the hall and started with a warm up game. We had to pretend we were the Mr Men characters. Mrs Marriott started off by showing us pictures of the Mr Men, and then we had to do an action to match each one. For example;– Mr Rush – we went very fast, Mr Small – we travelled very small, Mr Tall – we travelled on our tiptoes and tried to touch the ceiling, Mr Jelly – we had to wiggle and jiggle around the hall. The list went on!

We were amazing at this game and it certainly made us nice and warm!

IMG_2405 IMG_2399

IMG_2397 IMG_2394 IMG_2408 IMG_2404

We then used hula hoops and pretended we were in a car (not a bumper car – well maybe on occasions!!!) We began by travelling slowly and then we travelled fast (but within the speed limit). We then went along very bumpy roads.

We then picked up passengers and tried reversing.

We then worked in our teams!

We had to travel over the bench on our bottoms and then lift the hoop over our head. We then had to run back to tag our friend.

We were brilliant!




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