Our Filey Blogs

What a fantastic week Snowy Owls had in Filey! Today, we’ve been writing blogs to share some of our experiences with you. You can expect some pictures to follow shortly…

Abby and William:

We enjoyed our week in Filey because it was really fun. Some of us especially liked the Church because the man who gave the tour was really enthusiastic about and told us lots about the people who built it. The church is called St Oswald’s and it’s massive; all the stones used to build it were taken from Filey Brigg and the workers had no power tools to collect them, just their bare hands. There are lots of brilliant features like arches and carved stones that make faces.

Olivia, James R and James W:

On Tuesday night, Mrs. Winfrew and Mrs. Inglis found a hedgehog running across the tarmac. After a while we all came out to see the cute fellow. The next day Olivia, William, Abby, Megan and James were also very lucky to the same hedgehog running along the grass.

Josh, Liam and Kristian:

On Tuesday we went to Filey’s Splash Swimming Centre! We really enjoyed ourselves going down the slides, tugging away on the tuough lily pads and jumping into the warm relaxing jacuzzi…

Megan and Alice:

We had a fantastic week in Filey. One of our highlights was… the rock pooling! After we finished our lovely walk on the Brigg, we went down to the pools. We found the most amazing creatures, and one group even found a hermit crab!

Ben, Kula and Asher:

WOW! What a fun week in Filey. On Wednesday we went to the RNLI life boat station, where the chief mechanic, called Ian, gave us a guided tour of the station. Firstly, we were shown the inshore lifeboat, which has a top speed of 25 Knots (roughly 28 Mph). After that we had a look at the Mersey class lifeboat, a.k.a. the All Weather Lifeboat. All in all a brilliant day had by all.

Katie and Kacy:

On Thursday we visited the Scarborough Sea Life Centre! We saw lots of interesting creatures like starfish, rays, octopuses, crabs even jellyfish and so many more fascinating fish. Underwater life is just so spectacular; there’s so much to see and do! Scarborough Sea Life Centre is definitely the place to be.

Ben C and James P:

While we were in Filey, one of the children had a birthday so we celebrated with a party. We popped party poppers when he came into the room and it nearly burst our ear drums! We also got cake; it was extremely tasty!

Grace, Lucy and Leah:

What an amazing time we had. The Brigg was definitely a favourite of ours, because it was a great place to go rock pooling and we also saw a seal bobbing up and down amongst the seaweed. We could see the sea crashing against the rocks; it was amazing. While we were on the Brigg we made a wildlife documentary which hopefully you will be able to see later in the year. In the middle of the Brigg it is really rocky and quite a task to get across!

Harry and Hayley:

WOW! What a fun week we all had at the seaside. It was absolutely great when we had fish and chips (some of us had steak pie or sausage and chips). It was such a fantastic experience having our food on the sea front with the breeze blowing into our faces. We certainly recommend Dickey Bees fish and chip shop!

Spencer and Hayden:

We didn’t expect to go on a mini adventure! We went along a clifftop, though tunnels made out of bushes and down steep, rocky steps, and as we walked we looked at the shiny, beautiful, ocean.


Last week was a really strange week because all my class went to Filey for a week. This meant I was the oldest and the only Y6 in the school, giving me the title “Queen of the school – Laura”.

I had lots of different jobs to do over the week. These included working in the office, doing Chaffinches door and helping Mrs Roberts in her class. Also, I wanted to make sure I had made a beautiful “Welcome Home” poster as a surprise for when Snowy Owls returned back to school on Monday.

Overall, the week felt really quiet because there were no Snowy Owls flying around.


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