Our Amazing Merry Medieval Banquet

Chaffinches’ class held a magnificent banquet for their parents, carers and grandparents to celebrate all the hard work they have been doing this term. The children have become experts in the different roles people had in preparing for the banquet, they have researched the food that would have been served, they worked out how much it would cost to prepare each meal and what it would cost to feed 40 hungry “lords and ladies”. They also wrote exciting poetry and hilarious jokes to entertain at the banquet and learnt how to juggle skilfully. They finished the banquet off with a beautiful rendition of “Greensleeves”, before sleeping in front of the open fire after such an exhausting day. A video of the banquet will be posted shortly but here are some photographs of our preparations on the day.

The children arrived dressed ready to prepare the food for the banquet.



A group of hard-working children prepared and chopped the purple carrots.


Another group rolled the ham and chopped the chicken ready for the first course, whilst a third group prepared the delicious potage.















We had some amazing poets, jugglers and jesters to entertain at the banquet.










The banquet hall was ready, decorated with our shield designs.








Finally, the dish of the day, roast peacock, was prepared and ready for the guests to arrive.


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