Ospreys and Merlins have a magical time at the Harry Potter Studio Tour!

What a fantastic day the children in Merlins and Ospreys have had.  They travelled down to Leavesden to the Warner Brothers (Harry Potter) Studio Tour for an awesome experience.

Leavesden was home to the Harry Potter film series for more than ten years. As the films were being made, the production crew saved many of the props,  iconic sets and costumes that were created especially for the films.

The children were thrilled to be able to see thousands of detailed and creatively-made artefacts as well as look into the rooms that were used in the film; such as Professor Dumbledore’s office, Hagrid’s hut and the Potions’ classroom.  We were then able to experience a walk down Diagon Alley; looking into shops such as Ollivander’s and Flourish and Blotts.

Ospreys were lucky enough to sit and eat their lunch next to the Knight bus, number 4 Privet Drive and the Hogwarts’ bridge.

All the children were amazed to see the animatronic creatures and to find out how they were used in the films.

One of the highlights of the day was for the children to climb aboard the Hogwarts’ Express, walk past the carriages and then see the carriage where the iconic scene was filmed of when Harry met Ron.

A truly exciting and outstanding was had by all!

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