Newsflash! Wrens plan to help Humpty Dumpty!

When we sing the song ‘Humpty Dumpty’ it always makes us sad!

There he is one minute, sat all comfy on the wall. Then he falls off and ends up in lots of pieces. Well, no more!!!!

We set about thinking of a way to prevent this from happening again. We had a brilliant idea!

We knew that Humpty Dumpty needed to land on something a little softer. We managed to find some everyday items, and decided we would make Humpty Dumpty a bed to land on. We used the following items…

  1.  Marbles
  2.  Cotton Wool
  3.  Dried Pasta
  4.  Coins
  5.  Feathers
  6.  Sponges

We used these to make six comfy beds for Humpty Dumpty. Fingers crossed!

We passed the beds around the circle, and then shared our thoughts about how each bed felt.

We then made Humpty Dumpty comfy.

We then made our predictions.


Mrs Marriott asked us to give a reason for the predictions we made. We all thought if the bed was hard Humpty Dumpty would definitely break again.

We now needed to test these beds, but it had to be a fair test. We decided to drop it from the same height. We used the chair as a guide.

Guess what happened?

We will share our results with you shortly, but see if you can predict what happened first.

To be continued……

Well the results are finally here. Were your predictions correct? We had a few surprises too!



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