News just in……..We have green fingers!!!!

We planted our garlic and onion bulbs in October/November. We knew that they needed to be grown in an open, sunny site with fertile, well-dug soil, so that the bulbs got the warmth they needed to ripen.

After regularly watering and weeding, look what we managed to grow!!!!

DSCF6491 DSCF6489  DSCF6485

In July we noticed the leaves beginning to turn yellow and die, so we knew it was time to harvest them. We lifted the garlic and onions carefully using a fork to gently loosen the soil around the bulbs. We then took it in turns to pull the bulbs out. We then spread the bulbs out in trays to dry out properly.

DSCF6483 DSCF6484 DSCF6487

We then used the garlic to make some garlic bread for snack time! Yum Yum!

DSCF6324 DSCF6325

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