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Hello everyone, I hope that you are all well and that you enjoyed the special VE Day weekend. At the end of last week, we sent a link to a letter outlining the new maths app that we have subscribed to for the younger children in our school.  I am attaching a short powerpoint presentation which explains how to use the app and the benefits for you and your child at home. Normally, the videos and games are sent weekly from the beginning of the academic year.  You will therefore see that games have been downloaded from the Autumn term. However, from now on a new game will appear each week.

School_Jam_-_parent_presentation 1

There are lots of fun activities for the children but there are also short videos for adults explaining how we teach the maths objectives.  This week, have a look and familiarise yourself with the app but if you can, try and give your child the opportunity to try Block 2 in the Autumn Term – Part-Whole within 10.  Once children have managed numbers within 10, try and extend to numbers within 20.

See how to do this practically below.  Perhaps your child could make a part-part-whole model and use counters like I have or pebbles etc.  Encourage your child to try and find all of the ways to make the ‘whole’ number by working systematically. Remember the equals sign can go at the beginning of the number sentence too.

The blue circle is the ‘whole’ and the yellow circles are the ‘parts’.

It is great to see that quite a few of you have already had a go! As always, if you require ANY support with these activities or anything else, please do not hesitate to email.

Many thanks for all your fantastic support at home. xx

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