More mysterious murders!

It is with great sadness to inform you that there have been two more murders. Sir Michael Grove was the first to kick his clogs. His body was recovered by deep sea divers after being alerted to the scene by fishermen who recovered a number of strange items alongside the body of the former Minister for Education. The discovery of Grove’s body is being treated as suspicious. The timing of his death is unbelievable as he had just announced that he was cutting funding for local arts, dance and new author projects, closing small theatres, preventing all overseas performers from entering the country and closing all Youth Hostels and residential centres.

Nothing has been confirmed but there is something very fishy going on!

The second murder has come as something of a shock to the Greenlands community. Poor JJ Rowling, famous author of the Barry Potter books, has today been found dead at the bottom of a cliff close to Boggle Hole Youth Hostel near Robin Hood’s Bay. No one saw Ms Rowling in the hours before her death but she did tweet twice yesterday evening. The first tweet was information about her new book, all about a child who grows up in a lighthouse. The second was a bit more concerning. She tweeted “Late night at Boggle Hole – weird noises outside. Going to investigate. Wish me luck!”

A number of objects were found around her body, including:

  • A camera
  • A hammer collection including a gavel, a geological hammer and a reflex hammer
  • An English/French pocket dictionary
  • A ripped name badge with the letter C visible
  • A notebook with what appears to be the start of a new children’s novel

We have quite a lot of guilty looking suspects.

Claudia Winkletoes and Tess Weekly were said to be fuming about the funding cuts Grove made. Rita Snorer has even released a controversial song about the lack of financial support!

Theresa May-Nott and Margaret Hatcher have made no secret about their dislike for the politician.

Maybe Judge Pinder can explain where his gavel is? Or can Dr Stitch and Dr Blood explain their whereabouts on the night of the murders?

One thing is for sure. PC Solve, PC Crime and Detective Cell don’t seem to be doing much to solve these crimes. Does that put them in the frame?

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