Maths Challenges – Wrens

Here are three new ideas to help with developing your child’s maths knowledge.

Challenge 1 – Number Line Run

Why not draw a number line outside with chalk 0-20.

Then ask your child to..

  1. Go and run to say 7. Then repeat changing the number.
  2. Ask them to run to the number 1 less than 10. Then repeat using different numbers e.g. 1 less than 12, 1 less than 17, 1 less than 4.
  3. Ask them to run to the number 1 more than 8. Then repeat using different numbers.
  4.  Ask them to jump on the numbers all the way up the number line saying what they are and then back down it.

Challenge 2 – Coin sorting

If you have a bit of spare change around, you could draw some circles on paper and label them. For example – 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p etc. then ask your child to sort the coins into the correct circles.

Then to develop their coin vocab, ask them to tell you which coins they have sorted.

Challenge 3 – Doubling Fun

If you have a small mirror, this is a great way to learn about doubling. You can use any objects, such as coins, sweets, Lego, counters etc.

If you don’t have a whiteboard and pen, just use paper to write your doubling number sentences. Work on doubling 1,2,3,4 & 5.

At the end you could sing our doubling song.

Double 1 is 2 – Tap it on your shoe.

Double 2 is 4 – Stamp it on the floor.

Double 3 is 6 – Do some finger clicks.

Double 4 is 8 – Stand up straight.

Double 5 is 10 – Let’s do it all again.

We hope you like our suggestions and have fun completing them.

Bye for now

Mrs Marriott x


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