Letter Formation – With Little Wandle Phrases for ‘s,a,t,p,i,n’

We have started our phase 2 phonics lessons, and the children are thoroughly enjoying these. During these lessons we spend time working on the formation of our letters.

Here are some short videos of the letters we have worked on so far. Please encourage your child to keep working on these at home – using their letter formation phrase mat to help. (you can see this in the videos)

How to form the letter (grapheme) ‘s’ –  [youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/GNcotYWdFz4″]

How to form the letter (grapheme) ‘a’ – [youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/sxbZbDO7pUk”]

How to form the letter (grapheme) ‘t’ – [youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/Row50Lm_KKA”]

How to form the letter (grapheme) ‘p’ – [youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/IOnXMZR9mAM”]

How to form the letter (grapheme) ‘i’ – [youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/FMK0qKVAAT0″]

How to form the letter (grapheme) ‘n’ – [youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/9U3bnGYdo10″]

We also have letter formation activities in our continuous provision for children to access independently.

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