Learning with Lego & Duplo

Hi all,

here are a few ideas you could have a go at if you have Lego/Duplo/building bricks.

Dare I say get the paint out!

You could use bricks to print with and create pictures. Then ask your child to talk about the shapes in their pictures. (Vocab to use – 2D shapes – circle, triangles, rectangles, squares etc., and their properties – sides, corners, curved, straight)

Use number cards or write some numbers on paper (0-10/11-20). Then ask your child to build the towers to match each number, and place them on the correct number. Encourage them to touch each brick as they count (1-1).

Use bricks to create simple repeating patterns like below. Your child could make then make complex patterns too. (red, red, green, red, red green or yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue red etc). How many different repeating patterns can they create? Can they talk to you about their pattern?

Use a wipe off pen and write some phonemes on your bricks like below. Phase 3 work on words with digraphs in – ‘ai, oi, ow, or, ar’ and words with trigraphs – ‘igh, ure, air’ in.

Phase 2 work on CVC words – ‘cat, dog, sit, sat, pin, leg, got, fit, man, etc

Have fun!

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