Knock, knock. Who’s there?

We have had lots of visitors this half term, as we have been learning about ‘People Who Help Us’.

We have met lots of school staff, but also people who help us in the community.

We have had lots of fun, and we have also learnt so much!

Look who came to visit us….

The Paramedic – Russ

The Nurse -Lee

The Postal Worker – Karl


The Police Officer – PC Marriott

PC Marriott asked us to help him solve a crime too! Some of the letters of the alphabet had been stolen and he had four suspects.

The suspects are….

  1. Mr Freeze
  2. Penguin
  3. The Joker
  4. The Riddler

We had to find the letters, crossing them off as we came across them. Once  all of the letters had been found, the adults gathered them up and put them in an evidence bag. These have now been sent off to PC Marriott, who will be checking them for fingerprints. #whodunit??

Look at us in action….

Police Officers in the making. What do you think?

To be continued……

Mr Marriott has checked the fingerprints and informed us that ‘ Joker’ stole our letters!!!

Some of us thought this too!  #detectivesinthemaking







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