It’s going to be a grand ol’ ball!

This half term we are learning about fairytales. To celebrate the end of this topic Robins and Wrens will be hosting a grand ball for parents to come and join in. With our enterprise money we were able to buy some lovely new dressing up costumes and lots of fairytale characters for the small world. A big thank you to everyone that supported us. The children are absolutely thrilled with our new things, it makes their learning more enjoyable and creative. We have some very keen and enthusiastic storytellers already! 🙂

The grand ball is planned for Thursday February 14th…..if you like dressing up, this is a great opportunity for you to get involved and dress up as a fairytale character. If you dare.

Please, please, please Robins are in need of wooden pegs or wooden spoons, shiny and sparkly ribbon or material that can be cut up and used for ribbon. We also need colourful beads, sequins and tiny gems that can be used for making masks.

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