How to Train a Dragon Time!

We had been learning all about the story ‘The Dragon Post’ this half term. This book was really interesting, as Alex wanted to keep a dragon as a pet, so he asked for help from people in the community, as well as causing problems in the community. The Dragon ended up having to go and live in the mountains, which made Alex sad, but he knew it was the right thing to do. We had lots of ideas about what the dragon would be up to in his new environment, and one was that he would be living in a castle with knights, so that’s were we took our learning.

We worked hard to create a plan for our event – drawing ideas of what the knight and the dragon needed to be able to do.  We created signs and made some accessories for us to wear.

We designed our shields first on paper and then copied these on to our shields.

We looked amazing!

We said a knight needed to be good at certain things before he even started to help train a dragon, so we focused on how to use our shields. We used these to stop fireballs!


We then worked on our sword skills.

We then worked on our horse riding skills.

We then tried out our catapult skills.

We then decided it was time to work with the dragon, and teach him how to dodge and fly.

We finished off by tasting some dragon snacks. Yum!

We also made some fabulous fridge magnets, with us wearing our outfits on, and a dragon medal.

What a fab time we had.

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