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Hello Everyone,

It’s been lovely opening my email to lots of fab photos and videos. I’m going to print the photos off and put them on the wall at school, so keep them coming.

This week I have found music really useful in keeping me motivated, so I’ve found this site for you to use. Have a good time learning the songs, and you might even want to put some actions to the words too, just like we do at school.


You could send me a film of you singing. That would make me and Mrs Briggs smile for sure!

Maths Activities

Activity 1 – adding single digit numbers together

You will need –

  • 1 large piece of paper or roll of old wall paper
  • Post it slips or lots of small pieces of paper
  • Pen
  • Objects – such as coins, bricks for adding or number line

Adult – write lots of numbers 2 to 9 on your large piece of paper like above (space them out)  Then write some number sentences to match these numbers for example – 2 + 1 , 3 + 2, 4 + 6 these obviously need to match the numbers you have chosen to write on your large sheet.

Then ask you child to choose a number, start low first. For example – number 2. then ask your child to find the number sentence to match this. So what two numbers do we add together to make/equal 2 ?  1 + 1 = 2. Repeat with the other numbers, until all covered. Encourage your child to use their fingers to add the numbers, a number line or use objects to help.


Activity 2 – Finding pairs of numbers that make 10

You will need –

  •  The number 10 wrote on a piece of paper or number 10 card
  •  Post it slips or small pieces of paper.
  •  Objects such as bricks, coins etc, or a number line.

Adult – write the single digit numbers 0-9 on small pieces of paper. You will need this many of each number. You will need two sets, so 2 number 1’s , 2 numbers 3’s etc. Then you choose one number perhaps 9 and ask your child which number do I need to find if I want to make 10. What do I add to 9 to get to 10? Keep pointing at the number 10. Encourage your child to put the number you chose in their heads and count on using their fingers to get to 10, or use objects to help, or a number line. how many number pairs can they find that make 10? remember 9 + 1, we can also have 1 + 9, so this is why you need 2 sets of the numbers.

Repeat this activity on a different day. Can they beat their previous score? Good luck!

Activity 3 – Recognising numbers

For those that need to work on recognition of numbers. You could do these activities.

Adult – Draw numbers 0-20 on the floor with chalk, and give your child a paintbrush and a cup of water. You say a number and then your child has to go and paint over the number said. Then ask them again what the number is. What numbers haven’t we said yet? Is this a one digit number or a two digit number?

or you could…..

Draw a number line 0-20 on the floor or large piece of paper. (Like in the above photo) Then find a tube, guttering or piece of wood to make a ramp. Then get your child tp send their cars or trains down it. What number did it get to? Repeat with other vehicles. Which vehicle went the furthest? Which was the biggest number one of the vehicles travelled to? Which was the smallest?

Activity 4 – Develop your child’s physical development and listening skills.


You will need –

  • chalk
  • Space to do this

Why not create a different kind of hopscotch. This is one which involves following instructions, so every time you land on a space it tells you something different to do.

For example above – they have a start line, squares where you hop like a bunny and then a spin etc, but you can get creative.

other ideas could include – following the wavy line, jump like a frog, take giant steps. walk backwards. turn left, turn right.

It would be great to see your ideas for your hopscotch.

We miss you all.

Love Mrs Marriott & Mrs Briggs x









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