Hello Robins!

Before any work posts, I just wanted to share these photos of the cards that Robins made just before we closed.  I have sent them to 2 different Residential Care homes, one in Dinnington and one slightly further afield in Mexborough.  I think that you will agree they will certainly brighten up someone’s day.  🙂

Hopefully, you will all be enjoying the lovely sunshine.  Remember it is the Easter holiday now, so take time to take a well-earned break.  There is no expectation that you will be working over the Easter break, but here are a few ideas if you do want to keep busy.


In class we had started to learn how to tell the time – to O’clock and half past. What about making the most of the lovely weather and recreating this in your garden?

Remember that the hour hand goes half way between the numbers when it is half past the hour.

Easter Egg maths

This is a lovely game to play with a grown up. You could make your own counters (I would make little Easter eggs or dare I say it, use sweets!)  If you can’t put your hand on any dice, try making your own spinner with a pencil and a paper clip. Good luck and happy adding!

Eggs in the nest -addition



A company called myON are currently offering free access to over 6000 digital books. I have had a look and the books cover many topics; ranging from animals and insects, to dinosaurs and drones.  I think there is probably something for everyone and some of the books may help if you are doing a ‘project’ at home.



Take care and have a Happy Easter!!! xxx


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