Half term suggestions for Chaffinches

I know that everyone has been working really hard but if you’re finding that you have a spare 30 mins each day then there are a few activities which will really help your child’s progress. Obviously, reading is vital and I hope that everyone continues to read daily throughout the week. Don’t forget to share stories with your child too.

With the phonics screen coming up before Christmas, I’ve attached a few sheets for you to have a go at. Your child has seen something very similar before so knows what they need to do. Sound out each letter and blend the sounds together. They can use their finger and they can draw sound buttons underneath each sound if this helps. Remind them to think about their digraphs and split digraphs. Children need an independent score of 32 out of 40 to pass. Feel free to email me if you’ve got any questions about this.



We’ve been working really hard on improving basic number knowledge this half term. Please ask your child to tell you how many tens and ones are in 2-digit numbers. For example, tell them the number 52 and they will say that it is made up of 5 tens and 2 ones. If you could also ask them simple one and two digit additions and subtractions this would be really beneficial. E.g. What’s 8 + 2? What’s 12 + 8? 20 – 3 =? etc. The faster children are with these then the easier they find the maths lessons after half term.

Finally, I just want to say a quick thank you for all your support this half term. It’s been a challenging and unusual few weeks and I really appreciate how many lovely, smiling faces I see every day. Your children have blown me away with their resilience and positive attitude and they’re a real credit to you. I hope that you all have a lovely and relaxing week and I’ll see you after the break.

Mrs Bratt

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