Golden Eagles and Snowy Owls visit the Media Museum

On Thursday 5th June, Golden Eagles and Snowy Owls had an absolutely thrilling time at the Bradford Media Museum. This visit was part of our ‘Silver Screen’ topic and helped us to learn more about the cinema and how films are created.


We spent time in all of the different sections. ‘The Magic Factory’ was real favourite of many children because there was a range of scientific investigations to try out, including: a shadow trap, concave and convex mirrors and even a Camera Obscura so that we could spy on the public outside!


The ‘Games Lounge’ allowed us to play ‘old-school’ games such as Pac Man, Football Actua and Street Fighter II.


Everyone took part in a ‘TV Production’ workshop in the ‘Experience TV’ gallery. Some of us were lucky enough to work genuine cameras, whilst others acted as if they were in a real television show. Most of us participated in a film using ‘Blue Screen’, escaping from the Teletubbies and even swimming underwater!


Located in the museum is one of the largest cinema screens in Europe, the IMAX. Through the film: ‘Hubble – The Telescope’, we were able to see into the wonders of the universe in amazing 3D. There were also some stunning views of our own planet, Earth, from outer space.


2014-06-05 10.46.50

 2014-06-05 10.40.42

By Grace, Leah, James, Asher, Habib, Ben, Abby, Lucy, Katie and Kacy (from Golden Eagles)

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