Games, gadgets and gizmos!

 The children in Merlins were excited when they found out the title of this term’s topic!  They were even more pleased when they realised they would be finding out about inventions that have changed the world and would be designing and hopefully making a video game or App. Market research is currently being carried out to find which video games are the most popular.

The topic has already led to children bringing in from home a range of gadgets to show the rest of the class: gadgets that they can explain what they are and how they work.  A robotic arm, a remote-control helicopter, a light-show and an early games-console have been brought in just this week.

William brought in, from home, a robotic arm that he had built with his dad. He controlled its movements from a laptop. William was able to get the robotic arm to pick up a pencil and a small cuddly toy. The children were hoping the gadget would be able to help them do their writing!

Mr Adams, who works for a Video game company, came into school to talk to Merlins and Ospreys about the process of designing and making a video game or App.  The children learned a lot about the process and were able to ask lots of questions that will help them with their design: they are very eager now to begin designing their game. 

Mr Adams came to talk to Merlins and Ospreys about video games: how to design them and how to make them.

A visit has been planned to Making It Discovery Centre at Mansfield, where children get to find out about how products are researched, designed, patented, modelled, built and marketed.  During the visit they will have the opportunity to build a gadget of their own!

The class were amazed by William’s robotic arm and George’s light show!


Sophie brought in an earlier games console, that belonged to her dad.




By Mrs J Adams

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