It’s finally arrived ….. our first PE lesson.

Well to say we were a little excited, was definitely an understatement. We couldn’t wait for our first PE lesson.

Our first task was to find a space. We then set about warming our bodies up. We did this by travelling like different animals. We loved sharing our ideas with Mrs Marriott to achieve this.

We then worked on developing our spatial awareness and our listening skills. We played a game called ‘Our Driving Test’ We used quoits as our steering wheels, and Mrs Marriott kept giving us new skills to learn. For example, when you come to a roundabout (hoop) you had to go around it. We also had to reverse, and no one crashed!

We then played a game called ‘Rabbits and Burrows’. We had to wake up and jump out of our burrow, then when it was night time we had to find an empty burrow to sleep in. Unfortunately, the burrows started to disappear, so we had to start getting quicker to find an empty burrow before it was taken by another rabbit.

We then finished off with some team games.

We had a great time, and we came out of the hall huffing and puffing.

We can’t wait for our next lesson after the half term holidays.

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