Environment Week!

After receiving a strange and worrying message from future Mr Wirth on Monday about how our planet is in danger, all children in school had no option but to act quickly. In the video, Mr Wirth talked about how the climate is suffering and that we must save the bees at all costs. At first, we were slightly confused but after doing lots of research, we understood the importance of bees. From this, Merlins and Ospreys decided to make a bee friendly garden, planting bee friendly plants and making our own bee hotels from reused tin cans. We also took on the challenge of investigating our schools’ approach to reducing, reusing and recycling. In Merlins, we made a Newsround clip documenting our findings about reducing the amount of paper towels used in school, and in Ospreys we took pictures and made posters to inform people about all the different items that can be reused in school and the importance of doing so. Merlins also investigated the recycling that we do in school.

The week has been really eye opening for the whole school and the children have taken on the challenge brilliantly!



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